Popcorn-js 0.3v Release

Popcorn-js is already on version 0.3. If you haven’t been keeping up-to-date feel free to read my 0.2v release blog. The major addition in this release is subtitle support. As it stands popcorn-js can take TTXT, SRT, WebSRT, TTML, SSA, and  SBV files, parse them, and spit out subtitles positioned right on top of the video!!! If you want more information read Steven’s blog post.  Of course we have made numerous other fixes and additions. For a complete list view the changelog.

Looking to get involved?

There is countless ways for people to get involved in the project including idea generation, video generation, bug filing, documentation, promotion, and of course writing code. If you want to get involved here is a list of links to get you started:

If you want to use popcornjs and you are having problems feel free to contact us. You can comment on this blog, file a ticket on Lighthouse, send me an email, or come on IRC. WE WILL HELP YOU 🙂

Popcorn-js in Use

If you have yet to realized popcornjs’ potential, take a second to look at these two sites that use popcorn-js. The first one is the Annotation of the 2011 State of the Union brought to you by PBS and the popcornjs team. The second one shows of Jonathan McIntosh’s Donald Duck remix originally showcased at the Open Video Conference in NY city. Before the making of said page people can only look at the video. Whereas now, you can see all of the different components that had to be mixed together in order to make the video.

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