Seneca at

On Nov 30, 2010 Seneca was invited to showcase their IT work at The Technicity event’s goals were to acknowledge the talent we have in Toronto and bring forth a plan of action to foster this talent. David Crow talked about how people tend to go to California or Boston to look for talent even though Toronto has some of the best schools.  Seneca was fortunate enough to get invited to the event. I along with Scott Downe and Andor Salga got a change to showcase our work including processing-js, popcorn-js, pointstream, and c3dl. I must say that the crowd was amazing. We got a lot of positive feedback including “this is a jewl… don’t give it away, sell it” — about popcorn. Usually we are faced with people that do not have a good understanding of technology and it’s capabilities. However at technicity we were faced with people that did not understand why or maybe how people can make money doing open-source development.


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