Open Subtitles Design Summit – Look-up discussion

In my previous post I talked about the Open Subtitles Design Summit. I attended numerous sessions one of which was a discussion on how to streamline the process of looking up subtitles. With duplicate videos posted all over the internet it is hard for people to figure out whether or not subtitles for the video they want to watch are available. This means that people can potentially be spending time subtitling a video that someone has already subtitled. But how does one go about searching for subtitles. With so many variations of the same video it is hard to determine which videos are the same. One proposed idea was a standard of identifying media. A unique html tag that would assign a unique id to each original piece of media. If a media was altered this tag would still link back to the original piece. This type of system would allow for track-backs. The creator of the media would be able to figure out who is using their work and who has used it to produce alternate pieces. For more notes on this session check out the wiki.

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