PImage… a peer-review

As i wrote in my 0.8 plan, I will be getting as much peer-reviews in as needed. PImage has been written, rewritten, reviewed, and re-reviewed. Altogether i has been a mess and I soooo love dhodgin for taking it off my hands. I spent a majority of last semester trying to get it working with no success. Finally, with humph’s help, PImage has been rewritten to load asynchronous images. The copy() and blend() functionality has also been added. I believe the only things left are save() mask() and filter() which I am sure will come together soon.

Initially, I had to fail the review because there were some lint errors and some examples were not working. However, ultimately the patch did pass on to super-review.

The basis for my decision:

  • the function returns the appropriate value.
  • the function is written following the coding standards . Using 2 spaces instead of a tab, and leaving a space around brackets
  • there is tests available to test the function

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