A meeting with Minoo

This was my second meeting with Minoo. Minoo is a third semester CPA student who just wanted to get involved. During our last meeting she did not bring her laptop so we just spend time talking about the project, lighthouse, github, and the steps she needed to take to set up her environment. It was hard because we couldn’t actually do anything, but it was good because another student from DPS909 came down to get help fixing github. He had trouble making branches and merging my recent code into his master. This was great because I could kill 2 birds with one stone. Also because Minoo got to see that other people are having a hard time setting up their environment. When Minoo got home she emailed me letting my know her success in creating a repo and forking it.

During todays meeting, Minoo and I sat down in an attempt to submit her patch for noTint(). I showed her how to get the latest code from my branch into her repo and how to set up a new branch. We also looked at the Java implementation of noTint() which just set currentTint to false. We looked at processing JS default currentTint value and noticed it was -1 so in noTint() we simply set currentTint to -1. We pushed the new code to Minoo’s branch and updated the ticket. I also helped her install the P5 (Java) development console so that she can compare the output of the examples.

I took some time reviewing our changes, and noticed that tint() was not even working! This obviously meant that noTint() could not be reviewed. Luckily, Yuri (aka notmasteryet) also noticed that it was not working and decided to rewrite it. His new implementation also needed a rewrite of noTint() :(. View the lighthouse ticket.

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