0.8 Release, The Plan

We have finally rolled 0.7.1 out the door and now its time to concentrate on 0.8. Exams and final projects are approaching so I am curious to see how much work we will actually get done. I noticed that people are getting into the habit of pushing their tickets of to the next release, but with only 0.9 and 1.0 remaining it will be interesting to see how far people will push.

On top of my never ending processing duties, I have a 25-30 page white paper due. It kind of sucks but we will see how it goes.

Here is my plan for the upcoming release:

3D Stuff


I will review stuff as it comes in.


Fix/resolve bugs as the come


  • getting everyone to pull from my main repo  regularly
  • liaison with project team
  • meeting new members from DPS909
  • uploading the release on processingjs.org
  • blogging about the release

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