0.7 Release

As I stated in my release post, the processing team and I are were working towards the 0.7 release. It seems that the shipment of this release has taken longer than ever.  I managed to complete my 3D functions curve() and curveVertex() however vertex() had to be pushed. Wow just looking at the vertex() code makes my head hurt. Me and corban solved #239. We decided that since you cannot toggle between 2D and 3D context in P5 (Java) our band-aid solution was actually the solution. As for #207 I believe this code should work but it doesn’t, I had to push it to 0.8. I did take a look at it but pixel manipulation is difficult to debug.

The testing process was brutal, we found a couple of mistakes one of which was due to my curveVertex(). I think it took us a whole week to test and make changes before we shipped. Even after we shipped 0.7 we found a bug with mousescroll and had to quickly fix it and ship 0.7.1. Lets hope 0.8 goes a little smoother. You can read my blog on the release and the changelog on processingjs.org.

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