A meeting with Thanh Dao

As I stated in my last post, I have been meeting with new Processing js project members to get them going on submitting tickets. During the last meeting I helped set up Thanh Dao‘s repo but it was up to him to get GitBash going. Today, I met with him again to make sure he was on track. Basically, my approach was to submit 2 of his tickets with him and then let him submit the reset by himself. I think practice is the best way to learn. Unfortunately, the String prototype functions he wrote were of no use because they are already in the core of JavaScript; but we didn’t let that stop us. We updated two of the tickets and then later changed them to invalid. The basic steps are as followed: checkout the clean GitHub branch your working with, merge my most recent code (right now 0.7 branch), run all of the parser/unit tests to ensure nothing was already broken, add the new code manually into processing.js and any other unit/parser test that were written, add the files to GitHub and commit (without the Makefile of course), run the parser tests again, if the tests passed push them to GitHub. Once the commit was done, we then updated the lighthouse ticket with a little note as well as a link to the branch or the commit. The rule for this is that if the ticket was done in one commit, putting a link to the commit is sufficient. However, if there were more than one commits made to the branch, then the ticket should contain a link to the entire branch.

Since all of Thanh’s tickets were invalid, he went home with the job of going through the tickets and picking more to work on.

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