arrayCopy()… a peer-review

As I stated in my release post, I will be doing some reviews for the 0.7 release. Today I looked at arrayCopy() coded by dhodgin. Here is a link to the lighthouse ticket, the processing reference, and the JAVA code I used to decide what the function is suppose to return. I had some trouble getting the review started because Daniel had two branches in his repo. One named arrayCopy which had no changes and another named ArrayCopy which was the branch I needed to fetch. Unfortunately, GitBash on Windows is not case sensitive and therefore it was not recognizing the branches as separate trees. I had to ask Daniel to rename the branch. Once i got my hands on the code, the review went smoothly. I added a unit test and passed it along to super-review-requested.

The basis for my decision:

  • the function returns the appropriate value.
  • the function is written following the coding standards . Using 2 spaces instead of a tab, and leaving a space around brackets
  • there is tests available to test the function

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