A meeting with New Members

As I stated in my 0.7 release plan, I planned to meet with new members of the processing.js project from DPS909. Luckily, one of their classes got cancelled so I took the opportunity to meet with them in their regularly scheduled class. The purpose of the meeting was to get everyone going meaning: ensuring they had a lighthouse account, helping with github, explaining the workflow, and answering any questions they may have had. I believe the meeting went well.

Because managing a growing team is quite difficult, I tell all new members to put their names and info in the processing wiki page under the leader or contributor section. This way, I can contact them quickly it i need to.

Meeting details

I met with Scott Downe, Thanh Dao, Zhibin Huang, and Jianming Chen (Jimmy).  I actually met with Jimmy previously and helped him set up GitHub. I talked to each student individually and tried to figure out what they had problems with in order to get their tickets resolved. Scott had already submitted some tickets for review but he had some issues with the current ticket he was working on mouse scroll. His implementation was working but he needed to place it inside the actual processing.js file. I contacted Corban so that he can help him in figuring out where the best place to put his code is. Thanh had String tickets assigned to him but he had two separate GitHub repos. I fixed his main repo so that it forks from jeresig however, he now needed to set up GitBash. I pointed him to online Git Help and set up another meeting with him. Zhibin had trouble running unit/parser tests so I showed him how to edit the Makefile to point to his js.exe, and together we run the parser tests. He also has problems with this text() ticket, so I showed him how to get the text() function that was already there working on both JS and Java processing. I also showed hit the 3D stuff he needed to know in order to implement 3D text.

Overall, I was happy with the outcome of the meeting. I think the student will now be more comfortable with the code and getting tickets submitted.

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