0.7 Release, The Plan

After a well deserved but tiring break, it is time to get things rolling. Looking back at the 0.6 release, I was kind of shocked about how many people finished up their tickets on the last day. Especially since mostly everyone said (in the conference call that took place 4 days before the due date) they were just finishing up some small things but the majority was done. To keep me more informed, I asked that everyone integrate their GitHub account with the LightHouse project (see the post), this way the ticket they are working on can get updated once they push to their repo. This way I have some idea of whats being worked on.

Here is my plan for the upcoming release:

3D Stuff


I will review stuff as it comes in.


  • #207 I believe this code should work but it doesn’t
  • #239 band-aid solution to canvas


  • getting everyone to pull form my main repo  regularly
  • liaison with project team
  • meeting new members from DPS909
  • uploading the release on processingjs.org
  • blogging about the release

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5 thoughts on “0.7 Release, The Plan

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