float()… a peer-review

As I stated before in my post, I will be performing some peer-reviews for my 0.6 release. Today I looked at float() coded by mlam19. Here is a link to the lighthouse ticket, the processing reference and the JAVA code I used to decide what the function is suppose to return. I know that testing this function should be done with unit tests but I didn’t want to play around with writing unit tests. The release is already past due and I didn’t want to take any more time then necessary. I wrote my own float() example.  Here is a screen shot of a processing.js and processing comparison:

The left side is JavaScript while the right is Java. Notice that the JavaScript has two columns, this is because i couldn’t get the char[] and byte[] to work in Java.

The basis for my decision:

  • the function returns the appropriate value.
  • the function is written following the coding standards . Using 2 spaces instead of a tab, and leaving a space around brackets
  • there is tests available to test the function

After reviewing the code I gave float() the status of super-review-requested.

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