For the past coupe of days Ive been trying to get OpenGrok working. What is OpenGrok?? Well Wikipedia defines it as: a source code search and cross reference engine. Basically, we wanted to enable a search of Java Processing’s source code. Up until now we were just using the source from their web site. Which i still prefer, the only thing is that I have to remember which file i want to look in.

I figured that setting up this environment would be a challenge since I haven’t worked on a Linux machine in 2 yrs, but i figured I would give it a try. After all, the steps I was provided seemed pretty simple. Check them out.

I needed to install tomcat5 and openGrok, then I would need to get the processing source files and configure both of the environments.

I decided to do everything in the command line. I used Weigi Gao blog on tomcat to get it set up, however not all of the commands worked so i stopped after the install.  I used some of Vince’s blog to install OpenGrok. I was just about ready to get the source code and try configuring when I was told that the machine’s memory that I was working on was acting up and may fail at any time.

This left me no choice but start the process on another machine. Thankfully, Dhodgin and Kamots were there to help me out.  It took us more time than expected to get everything installed. We were having some indexing issued and permission issues. After a couple of hours we realized that OpenGrok was already set up on another machine. Tiago aka Kamots decided to add the processing project to that environment.

The search is now available at:

Things I learned:

  • press Alt+Ctr+F2 to go from GUI to command line
  • press Alt+Ctr+F1 go back to GUI
  • you can open multiple command line and cycle threw them using Alt+Ctr+one of the F keys
  • find ur fedora version command: lsb_release –d

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