0.5 … The managing process

Since my last post I have been trying to organize myself in order to properly manage the processing.js team. I started by writing a set of guidelines that included; pre-requisites for anyone who wanted to join the project, a work-flow, standards the developers have to follow, as well as a description of the ‘status’ options attached to each lighthouse ticket. I also looked over everyone’s  blog and lighthouse tickets to see what they are working on and what their plan is for their upcoming releases. Because it was hard for me to track everyone down on IRC I arranged one-on-one meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to make sure that everyone knew what they were working on and that they had no issues. I also asked everyone to produce at least 2 blogs per release. The first one with a title similar to “0.? The Plan” and the second similar to “0.? The Release”. I did this because I want to be able to figure out what everyone is working on without having to read toooooo much. I also asked that the “0.? The Plan” blog contain a list of the things they will be working on in order of priority. This way, if I don’t see anything at the top of the list being completed, I will know there is a problem. No one should be working on multiple functions at the same time.

To make managing the team a little simpler I am in the process of updating the zenit wiki project page. I already edited the Project Leader (s) section and moved some people to a newly created Former Member (s) section. I also added a section for the Conference Call: the information, agenda, and meetings. This way, people know what they need to prepare before the meeting or, if they missed a meeting, they can catch up. I think the project wiki is to large and contains information that can be found in Lighthouse, so tomorrow during the conference call I will be asking to remove some sections.

Some other stuff that I did but really don’t want to get too deep into:

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