iTouch… My Struggle

If you have been following along with my Apple OS/Cocoa blog you know that I am taking an Apple programming course. If this is the first you’ve heard about it read more here. Last week I borrowed an iTouch from my school to help me with developing apps. (The school got a wicked discount of $8…Be carefull Apple, with those deals you might go bankrupt). Anyhow, I decided to make some use out of my new device and download an IRC app that would help me with my processing.js project. Seems simple enough right? Well lets see.

I fired up the device, made sure i was connected to my home WiFi, and then I clicked on the AppStore thumbnail. Nice the app store came up and i searched for IRChon, after dealing with some predictive text bs i finally found the app. Now how do i download it? I scrolled up and down looking for a; ‘Get It’, or a ‘Download’, or an ‘Install’ button but found only a ‘Free’ button. Haha… when you click the ‘Free’ button it changes to an ‘Install’  button whatever! So now you click the install button and a pop-up comes up asking you to enter your account information!? Great… lets go to and get an account. (Navigation:>store->account->log in->new account). After filling out all of my information here is what I got:

What a wonderful error message, don’t you agree? Well I thought i had a browser issue so I made multiple attempts: Minefield, Firefox, Chrome, IE. But nope the same issue. You want to know what the problem was? It simply didn’t like my gmail account so i had to use a different email address. Alright fine, now can I download my app? I went back to the store, clicked install, put in my account information, pressed ok….. You want to know what happened? The device returned to the Home screen and a pop-up displayed the error ‘Authorization failed. Please connect to iTunes.’ OMG do not tell me I need another account!!!!! I pressed the iTunes thumbnail on the device to see if I can find a ‘log in’ button. i scrolled down and behold a label that said ‘Account: myemail’. So Now i was really confused am I logged in or aren’t I? I tried doing the above steps a couple times which was really annoying because the form that is used to log into your apple account before you can download the app clears so you have to reenter your email and password again and again. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but i can’t see why i would want to go to the extremes to secure an apple store account.

Ok I decided to approach this from another angle. I plugged the iTouch to my computer and fired up iTunes. I went into the store, logged-in, and was asked to ‘update needed security inforamtion’. Ok I thought maybe that was the problem so i clicked ‘continue’ and you know where the browser took me!!! To UPDATE My profile!!!!!!!! Well maybe they consider my bday, country and gender as Security so I decided to fill in all of the fields. I tried loggin in again and here is what I got:

Another wonderful error message. I decided to put the iTouch away because if i broke it I would have to dish out $200. I came back the next day and after attempting to log into the apple store via iTunes, and finally I was taken to the ‘Fill in ur Credit Card Info’ screen. So this is Apples idea of a secure site. Right. There is no way I am putting in my Credit Card.  Now comes the next question…. How does one share an app?

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One thought on “iTouch… My Struggle

  1. I think you’ll find this link:

    helpful as far as installing free apps goes. Also, there’s a little bit more lag in the process of signing up for an account and then downloading apps than you may have allowed for, I think.I don’t know what the exact number is, but it’s more than a minute. Probably less than 10, though?

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