0.5 Release, The Plan

In my last post I talked about continuing my work on Processing.js. Since then there has been an exciting change: I have been put in charge of Managing the Project. I am still going to be doing some reviews and 3D implementation but my main priority will be; documentation, coordinating ( tree, releases, reviews), and communication. I have started off by posting some Guidelines on lighthouse. Anyone who wants to contribute to this project has to follow these guidelines. In the upcoming week I will be going over everyone’s plan to ensure that they are working on functions that take priority and not wasting too much time perfecting their work. Also since my last post, I met with Andor and Mickael about the 3D functions that need to be implemented before any other work can continue. So finally, with a long delay, here is my plan for 0.5:

3D stuff:

  • Fix box()
  • Write test for PMatrix3D rotateX()
  • Write test for PMatrix3D rotateY()
  • Write test for PMatrix3D rotateZ()
  • Write test for PMatrix3D rotate()
  • Write test for PMatrix3D applyMatrix()
  • Write test for PMatrix3D reset()

Note that the PMatrix3D internal object was not written by me. Hopefully i won’t have too much trouble making demos.



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6 thoughts on “0.5 Release, The Plan

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