curveTangent()…A Peer-Review

As I stated before in my post, I will be performing peer-reviews for my 0.4 release. Today I looked at curveTangent() coded by Dliu53. Here is a link to the lighthouse ticket, the processing reference, and the JAVA code I used to decide what the function is suppose to return. Comparing the code written by Dliu53 and the Java code took some time as Java does some things that Dliu53 doesn’t like checking if a matrix exists. I looked at Dliu53 curveTangent() test and the results looks the same as the output of the Java 1.0.7 environment. I also wrote my own test that outputted the values returned by curveTangent(). Check it out here. You may also want to compare it to the Java environment. Here is a screen shot:

The basis for my decision:

  • the function returns the appropriate value.
  • the function is written following the coding standards . Using 2 spaces instead of a tab, and leaving a space around brackets

After reviewing the code I gave curveTangent() the status of super-review-requested.

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