0.3 Release

I have finished my 0.3 release. I am happy to announce that I have completed ALL of my tasks and even added sphereDetail(). I started writing a test for curve() but unfortunately there is a lighthouse bug for curveVertex() so I was unable to test it.  I have used Andor’s 3D initialization code and altered it so that it works when using 3D and also when doing 2D stuff. I added it to my GitHub 3D stuff branch of my repository. Download the processing.js file if you want a clean start with 3D. Sadly, I was finished last week but I was dead set on fixing PImage! Aarg, dealing with canvas pixels is insane. I must be missing something because after a week of trail and error I am still missing 1 set() functionality. I am able to write an image directly into the display window, and edit the color of a pixel on the canvas, but I an UNABLE to set the color of a PImage’s pixel!! It is so frustrating that i decided to cut my loses. Ill wait till the get() review and go from there.

As for 3D:

Well my functions are not 100% complete because they need to incorporate pushMatrix(). Basically, here is what i did. Maybe Andor explained this better.

Box(): used static vertices and normals to write the function, manually altered the camera angle, and then set the scale transformation. Now since the user might want to add different transformations, I first have to get the latest transformation matrix, apply my scale matrix, and push this matrix back onto the stack. This functionality is not yet available but once it is I will need to alter my box().

SphereDetail(), and Sphere(): for this I was able to use the Java code found in GitHub Processing Repository written under the LGPL – Java license. I modified it so that it works with processing.js. For this function I am also waiting on the pushMatrix() stuff.

RotateX(), RotateY(), RotateX(): for these i just wrote the transformation matrix. I tested it using a spinning Sphere with a hardcoded transformation. Once the pushMatrix() and stack items are completed I will have to modify it.

You can find all of my demos in my Matrix Account. Note: You need to have WebGL installed in the browser. If you downloaded minefield nightly write about:config in the address bar, search fro webGL, and enable it for all websites.

  • sphere2.html is the rotating sphere I talked about

Now I am very excited that I got jQuery sliders working!! Thank’s again to Andor for his inspiration. Here is a screen shot:

Check it out yourself!

Check it out yourself!

Please let me know if you are having trouble using the sliders via a comment

To wrap up my realease I updated all of my lighthouse tickets and included the GitHub commit information. I am also updating the seneca wiki Processing.js page and my personal seneca wiki and mozilla wiki.

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