0.2 Release Revision

I previously published my release schedule (check it out). I finished my 0.1 release despite some bugs that i will need to fix. Check out my blog and help me test my cursor functions. Note: cursor does not yet work on mac. The main problem with my release schedule is that i allocated 3D functions for my 0.2 release. Unfortunately, all of the implementation of 3D has not been completes so I decided to push curve() box() and sphere() to my 0.3 release. For my 0.2 release, i will be implementing PImage, and once I complete it i will fix my cursor functions to use PImage, one of the bugs.

Here is the new schedule

0.2 Release Monday November 20, 2009

  • PImage
  • cursor(image, x,y) edit image parameter to be PImage: any variable of type PImage

0.3 Release Monday December 7, 2009 – this is very optimistic and I doubt I will have all browser capability. I will first need to learn more about 3D and OpenGL

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3 thoughts on “0.2 Release Revision

  1. Anna, the rotate functions are available in c3dl. I think that a quick solution of just getting something working might be to make use of c3dl in your code.

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