0.1 Release update

If you follow my posts you will know that i am involved in an Open Source project processing.js. For 0.1 release, I decided to write 2 functions cursor() and noCursor(). (see release schedule) The functions were relatively easy to write(check out some code), however I didn’t realize all of the other stuff that needed to be done. Documentation, demos, and tests? How am i suppose to demo a cursor function? I wanted to have the cursor change from one image to another on the fly but after 3 hours I gave up. Now im using mousePressed(). I spent some time posting documentation on the mozilla wiki and I realized that I got the specs for cursor(image, x,y) wrong. Well its most likely wrong. The image parameter is suppose to be a PImage and I’ve been using image src. I have to check if this PImage was defined in processing.js. Check out my documentation for cursor() and noCursor(). Stay tuned for a link to my tests and demos 🙂

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