GitHub Bug

I spent the last week working on uploading a new branch to GitHub using Git Bash (tutorial coming soon). If you are still trying to set up GitHub and Git Bash check out my tutorial HERE.

All this for a simple upload? The basic steps are: create a branch both remote & local, put your new files/folders into the repository directory on ur local machine, make sure Git Bash prompt is working with this branch, commit ur work including a message, push the repository back to GitHub.

It seems like a simple process, and it might still prove to be.

I must have done the steps a million times, but every time I logged on to my account on GitHub, pointed the browser to the correct branch, and downloaded the ZIP file I found none of my changes. I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Finally, I spoke to Alistair MacDonald (F1LT3R) on IRC (Mibbit ), and he helped me thorough the steps of making a branch and uploading it. Still, the download didn’t contain any of my updates.

GitHub Download Menu

GitHub Download Menu

I noticed that on the download menu (pic above) the captions said at main (right now 51d280c). I found a BUG?? So even though I selected the new branch, GitHub was still pulling information from my main branch. Anyhow, I documented the Bug by adding a discussion topic. Check it out! Apparently the bug has been resolved “The page was cached with a bad link, it should download the correct branch now.” But I just downloaded, and I am now missing files that were previously there on top of missing the updates. Stay tunned…

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